/history of the car

In 1992, director Tony Scott saw this purple Cadillac driving around Hollywood and he thought it would be great for his True Romance characters, so he tracked down the owner and had production buy it from him. Then they found a second car of the same year, make and model and bought that up and had it painted the same color as the first car and

that was their stunt car. There were 2 cars used in the filming,

but this is the only one known to still exist.

After filming wrapped Tony had the entire interior re-done in leopard print and then gifted the car to Patricia Arquette. She drove it around for just a short time but it was drawing too much attention to herself, so she gave it to her friend. I know her sibling Robert (Alexis) Arquette also drove the car around as I have a picture (slide 4), so it was in the family until at least 1994. After that I'm unsure how many owners it had, but it couldn't have been many.


In 1998 a guy named Carlos R. sold the car to Chris F. via the Recycler classifieds newspaper.

Carlos advertised the car as being "the car from True Romance". It's unknown at this time if Carlos had any connection to the Arquette family or how he had obtained the car. Chris drove the car daily for years and by 2008 the car had developed a lot of mechanical problems

and Chris just stopped driving it and taking care of it.

It sat there for a decade until December 30, 2017,

when I purchased it from Chris F. via an ad I ran on a car message board.

It took 4 years to track the car down and 16 months to get it back to movie condition.

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